About Irish Missionary Union

What we do

 The Irish Missionary Union is at the service of our membership through: 

*Mission Centre in central Dublin with displays, mission resources and informal  gatherings of like-minded people. 

* Communicating relevant information to Missionaries on a range of topics via website, facebook, e-newsletter and printed Reports.

* Assisting Missionaries returning to Ireland. 

* Creating awareness on social and economic Justice issues especially in matters and areas related to Mission.

* Creating awareness of Mission through fulltime programmes like Mission Alive and Seminars on Mission.

* Coordinating joint ventures of the IMU member organisations, such as the Coordinated Parish Promotions Programme.

* Liaising with Government bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and others on issues which are of common interest.

* Facilitating Insurance cover for long and short term Missionaries

*Supporting Westland Row Parish in social services.

 The website links refer to activities and programmes which have evolved from the IMU over the last 25 to 30 years.

On 30 April 2007, The Irish Missionary Union(IMU) as part of Dóchas (Irish Association of NGOs in Development) formally adopted a Code of Conduct on Images and Messages for their public communications.

National Mission Council

Members of the National Mission Council:  

Episcopal Commission for Missions:
Most Rev. Kieran O’Reilly, DD Chairman

Secretary: Fr. Hugh MacMahon SSC.


Pontifical Mission Societies:

Fr. Maurice Hogan SSC – National Director PMS –

World Missions Ireland
Ms. Jackie Pallas – Secretary, Soc. of Miss. Children
Ms. Patricia Murphy – Sec. of the Soc.of St. Peter of Apostle


Lay Organisations:

Mrs. Joan Power – Apostolic Work
Mr. Liam Hayden – Legion of Mary
Dr. Vincent Kenny – Volunteer Missionary Movement
Ms. Martina McTeigue – Viatores Christi


Irish Missionary Union [IMU]:

Sr. Bridgette Cormack FMSA
Fr. Michael McCabe SMA 
Fr. Joe Cantwell SPS
Fr. Marc Whelan  CSSp
Sr. Joesphine Murphy PBVM
Fr. PJ Cassidy  M.Afr.
Sr. Maureen O’Malley MSHR
Sr. Siobhan Corkery  MMM
Br. Andrew Hickey FPM
Fr. Pat Raleigh SSC

Diocesan Directors, Propagation of the Faith:

Fr. Aidan Ryan PP Province of Armagh
Fr. Desmond Mooney CC Province of Armagh
Fr. Noel Hartley PP Province of Dublin
Fr. Jim Crotty PP Province of Dublin
Fr. Thomas Crawford PP Province of Cashel
Fr. Donal Coakley PP Province of Cashel
Fr. Patrick Costello PP Province of Tuam
Fr. David Murphy CC Province of Tuam

Mission Statement of the Irish Missionary Union

The Irish Missionary Union is a collaborative network of Missionary Groups that promotes the understanding, development and sharing of Mission and strives to be a prophetic voice in society.

It promotes the call of all Christians to Mission, and supports those sent to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the reign of God in other cultures.

Through: Seeking justice, liberation and the integrity of creation among peoples through critiquing policies of missionary groups, international institutions and governments in the light of Gospel values…..

Promoting integral development in solidarity with peoples in every culture

Valuing the mutual enrichment and openness of cross cultural experience and learning

Encountering and dialoguing with peoples of different faiths and those searching for
the truth

Keeping abreast of developments in missionary spirituality and challenge

… we fulfil our mission.


 Child Safeguarding Statement:

The Irish Missionary Union was founded in 1971 as an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate the common activities and interests of Irish missionary societies, religious congregations and lay missionary organisations.

The Irish Missionary Union as well as their co-workers and volunteers, value and encourage the participation of children and young people in the pastoral ministry and activities of their members. As an organisation we recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are committed to their support and safeguarding.

The Irish Missionary Union undertakes to do all in its power to create a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults and to ensure their protection from neglect and from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

To this end, the members of the Irish Missionary have approved and adopted as policy the “Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church,” published by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland http://www.safeguarding.ie

Following from this Policy, the Irish Missionary Union is committed to:


  1. Best practice in ensuring the safeguarding of children and young people, protecting their rights and promoting their welfare.
  2.  Minimising risks in order to safeguard the interests of children and young people.
  3.  Ensuring that the Irish Missionary Union, their paid employees and volunteers, are carefully recruited, selected, trained, supported and supervised.
  4. Ensuring that the Irish Missionary Union, our paid employees and volunteers are aware of, trained in and work to the Code of Behaviour for Children.
  5. Supporting victims of abuse.
  6. Working with statutory authorities to ensure that allegations of abuse are dealt with justly and promptly.

Contacts:  Designated Safeguarding  Officer, Dublin Arch Diocese

Ms Julie McCullough 01-836-0314

Or Fr Hugh MacMahon IMU  01-492-3326.

IMU Executive Council and Office

Representatives Elected: 
8 – Sisters Groups
8 – Priests ; Groups
1 – Brothers
1 – Viatores Christi
1 – Voluntary Missionary Movement.
Members of IMU Executive Council
Fr. Michael Corcoran MHM – President 

Dr. Vincent Kenny VMM – Vice President  

Sr. Bridgette Cormack FMSA 

Sr. Siobhan Corkery  MMM
Sr. Mary T. Barron OLA
Fr. Marc Whelan  CSSp.
Br. Declan Power CFC

Fr. Michael Kelleher CSSR

Fr. John Guiney PJ

Fr. PJ Cassidy M.Afr

Fr. Pat Raleigh SSC 
Fr. Seamus O’Neill  SPS
Ms. Sally Roddy VC
Sr. Josephine Murphy PBVM
Sr. Ann Gray SSC

Sr. Maureen O’Malley MSHR

Sr. Scholasticah Nganda RSM

 Ex-Officio Members of IMU Executive Council:  IMU Financial Advisory Committee:
Fr. Eamon Alyward SSCC – National Director, WMI

Mrs. Anna Donnelly – National President, Apostolic Workers

Fr. Hugh MacMahon SSC.- Executive Secretary

Fr P J Cassidy M.Afr

Sr Bridgette Cormack FMSA

Ms Helena Kelly

Mr Philip Monaghan

Mr Martin Bracken


RFMP Management Board IMU Mission Institute (Dalgan Park):

Fr. Maurice Mc Gill MHM

Sr. Anne Harte Barry OSU 

Fr. Hugh MacMahon SSC
Sr. Mairead Hurley MSHR

Sr. Rodegunda Shayo MMM

Fr. Paddy Dooher, SSc Director
Sr. Norah Davey, RSM Course Co-Ordinator
Human Resources Committee  Standing Committee

Sr. Ann Gray SSC>

Dr. Vincent Kenny VMM

Sr. Scholasticah Nganda RSM

Fr. Michael Corcoran MHM

Dr. Vincent Kenny VMM

Sr. Siobhan Ni Mhaoilmhichil OP

Sr. Siobhan Corkery MMM

Ms. Sally Roddy VC

Fr. Pat Raleigh SSC

Fr. Hugh MacMahon SSC

Sr. Josephine Murphy PBVM (substitute)

History of the Irish Missionary Union (IMU)

The IMU was founded in 1970, incorporating the members of the former Missionary Service Centre.

 For nearly 1,500 years Ireland has been sending Missionaries throughout the world to witness to the Gospel. The Irish Missionary Union continues that tradition and its members are currently engaged in 84 developing countries. According to the 2011 census there are 1762 Irish Missionaries on Mission in other countries.

 The IMU is a collaborative network of  87 Mission sending Congregations and Societies comprised of Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Organisations.